Who we are? It is not about us – the most important is that we BUILD THE ACTIVE COMMUNITY of people exercising – it is a kind of platform (you can call it a social network) that concentrates active people in one place. This is a space that gives opportunities – find a partner’s training in the neighborhood / favorite clubs, plan training and progress monitoring (profile measurements etc) and many more. In short, it’s just alive.

You have a unique brand zone in the only such application in Poland.
If your company is active in the fitness industry – it’s great for it – why?

You reach us with your advertisement
up to 100% of the target group

after clicking on your ad, the customer is automatically transferred to your company’s website, which significantly shortens its path to the brand and finalizes the transaction

we value the transparency of the situation – we provide you with detailed statistics on the number of visits to the company website through the GymGang app

in our application you are visible to the customer – we are not an advertiser with thousands of companies – you join an elite, limited group of proven brands

they heard and hear about us – in the autumn of 2017 we were at the FIWE trade fair in Warsaw, in February we will be in ESP in Krakow, and then in FIBO in Germany in April – and also with your brand as our partner

advertising efficiency increases with each day of application downloads and you, when you buy an advertising space in January, maintain a fixed price of PLN 499 for the entire duration of the contract. The regular price from February 1 is PLN 899.

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Our partners: